You need content. You need it on a timely basis and well managed.



For when you just need the copy. Your website copy needs a refresh, you want to turn your blog series into an ebook, or have a sales page that converts. You don’t need the extra support on the content management system, you just need the words.

I’ve written copy for fashion, health and wellness, food, art, music, medical, tech, and pharmaceuticals. My mastermind specialist subject is the arts. I’m hugely passionate about British textiles and artists. But I’m a strong believer in plain English and am skilled at taking complex subjects to make them accessible for your audience.



Your website has grown with your business and now it’s taken on a life of its own. You don’t have time to do all the copy edits, fix all of the broken links, and get your blog out on time. That’s a job in its own right and it’s taking away from your time.

I look after content management systems across WordPress, Shopify, and Squarespace. I love having a good noodle on the back of WordPress and I’m particularly experienced with the complexities of membership websites.



Your email list is an incredibly important asset to your business, but is it working as hard as it can be?

Automations, workflows, email copy, tagging, and segmenting. There’s a lot that a good CRM system can do. I love working with Active Campaign. Especially when its being used with WordPress and Access Ally.

I’m experienced with other CRM’s too. Drip, InfusionSoft, Constant Contact, and of course MailChimp.


Most of my clients need all of the above to happen. Which is why they hire me to cover their content management. From writing their blogs, copy, and newsletters to setting them all up on the website, CRM, and social media.

Fiona understands the needs of a business and of the customer. To have someone be able to cast an outsider’s look over how you are running the
business and to be able to set short term goals
out for you is a massive help.
— Anthea Turner, Tinderbox Youth Theatre