How to use social media to boost your SEO

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You’ve just spent hours crafting the most amazing piece of content that you’ve ever produced. You mapped out what problem you were solving and for whom, you’ve created an instructional video, easy to read copy and broken everything down into bitesized chunks.

You’ve even carefully researched the search terms, key words and given thought to your local audience. You’ve set up your metadata, considered your layouts and tags. I mean, this should be some award-winning winning blog post it’s that good and that’s before we even talk about the images and directorial nuances of the film attached.

Yep, you’ve nailed it, ticked every box, this is going to be IT!

Except… tumbleweed.

Your website traffic is quieter than a school carpark on a snow day.

It’s not enough anymore to just produce content. You SHOULD produce content but that really isn’t going to get heard above all of the internet noise. Even the best content is only ever as good as how often it is seen. If you’re creating content to increase your SEO ranking but not sharing it anywhere, then why are you creating it at all?

Use your social media

The best content is made to answer a question that someone has asked or to provide the answer to a problem that your potential customer has so if you’ve taken the time to answer them, why not give it to them as well?

I created this diagram to illustrate how content marketing needs to be done with intent and purpose for a talk I gave at an event last year.

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Your content needs to feed into your social media and create a loop that drives traffic to your site. This is where getting links from other website really helps as well. Producing guest content is a really great way to help get your website seen.

This is not the whole story though as it is often not enough to passively post your content onto your social media feeds. You need to be engage in discussions on there as well. You need to make your content part of those conversations.

Ask yourself this: how often have you bought something from one of those group posts where everyone lists their business?

If the answer is never then think about how, when and where you are sharing the wonderful things that you do.

And if you don’t know where to start when it comes to SEO, get the checklist here.