Why your SEO strategy isn't working

On the face of it you’re doing all the right things with your website to be found by your ideal customers. You’ve researched your keywords, check your search terms and analysed your headlines. You’ve spent HOURS carefully crafting metadata for all of your products and posts. Yet all of your hard work and effort isn’t resulting in sales.


Why isn’t your SEO strategy working?

First of all, you might want to ask your audience if the content you’re creating is what they want. You could be doing everything right but if you’re not answering the questions for your potential clients then no one is going to be picking up what you’re putting down.

The ONLY way to know if your plan is going to work is to go out and ask the people who you want to become your customers. This is easier now than it has ever been. You don’t need to pay for a research group and invest financial in finding out what people actually want. You don’t even need to stand on a street corner with a clipboard accosting strangers. Unless of course, that’s your thing and the go for it.

You just need to hang out online where your customers are hanging out. Join the discussion, ask the questions.

Write for your audience

Once you know what your clients want, you then need to write as though you are talking directly to them. Don’t write for your search terms, trying to work them into content. Write for your audience.

You might get obsessed with the little traffic lights on some SEO apps. Or you might have some writing apps evaluating what you’re typing. Those are great tools to give you an idea of what will work but what those apps don’t do is understand colloquialisms, tone of voice, dialect.

If you write in an authentic voice that is directed to your client, writing about the things they want to read then you are going to be hitting the right spot along the way.

This doesn’t just apply to your regular content but the copy that runs through your whole website.

Listen well

If you are not following what your competition is doing, then you are only doing half a job. Look to what they are doing and see how you can improve upon it. What is compelling about it? What isn’t working?

Listen to what people are saying online. Often we don’t need to dive into all of the conversations, we can just sit on the sidelines and take notes.

Check in with your metrics

Knowing what is working and driving traffic to your site is just as essential and understanding what isn’t working. Does a bit of PR coverage send regular traffic to your site? Or that guest post you did two years ago? Do more of these things.

It can be tempting to throw money at the problem, invest in some PPC advertising and it will boost your SEO but if you don’t have the right content on your website when your customer finds it, really what is the point?