How to establish good habits in your business

There are some things that we need to do every day in our business to get the work done. That might be replying to emails, sending reports on a regular basis, posting goods, or making many cups of tea. 

Once upon a time, sending an email wasn't a part of running a business. Therefore, checking emails wasn't part of the daily routine. It used to be something people did once a day. Now it is routine to turn on your computer and check your emails. It starts as habit and becomes routine. 

So if you are going to be as productive as possible you need some structured routines in place. Things like doing your admin on a set day of the week so that it doesn't all build up and wipe out two days. Or making sure you send your newsletter on a regular basis. 

These things can so easily slip if you do not make a routine of them. But first you need to establish the habit. 

I like to save the first hour of my working day for my business. Doing my daily check sheet. This started as a habit and then became a routine. The first thing on my check sheet is to do some writing as that warms my brain up nicely for all the thinking it needs to do. I got into this habit by setting myself a 30 day challenge to write for 15 minutes every day. And it worked. 

So far, no one has noticed that the first thing I do each day does not involve replying to their email. 

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