5 Common Webinar Mistakes

I've been producing webinars for long enough to come across a lot of mishaps that are commonplace. Check this list below to see if any have happened on your last webinar:

There is no webinar recording

When you press ‘broadcast’ you also need to press ‘record’. Unless of course you do not want to record it. Now while there is an argument about whether webinar software is the right place to do a private presentation, there is functionality (and reason) for doing a private, one-off webinar that is not recorded or saved. If you are in the vast majority of people who want to share their webinar at the end, make sure you press record.

While we are on the subject of recordings, also check you have your settings properly configured so that your webinar autosaves to your software. This prevents any download issues that might happen in post-production ensuing in the loss of recording. This is your back-up plan.

People are unable to dial-in

If you have a multi-national audience then you want to make sure they get the correct dial-in numbers to access the webinar. You cannot just assume that people will log in through their laptops. People have lives which are separate to yours, they may be on the school run, travelling or sat in the office. They may have issues with their hardware and the dial-in option is their back-up plan.

You need to ensure that all the country code options are checked AND that people who get the emails can see them. There are always going to be problems for the odd person unable to get logged in. Sometimes they will give up and you have lost a potential client, sometimes they are eager to hear your presentation that they will contact you to help them log in. If this happens, you can guarantee it is right when you are about to hit start (and record) and throws you off your introduction.

You didn’t rehearse

Planning is everything when it comes to webinars and you need to test everything. You need to test your presentation, make sure all the software works. You need to check how it looks for the audience, how it sounds and how they can interact.

You can have your presentation nailed down but if you don’t check the software, see what the waiting screen looks like, make sure the invites outline what folks can expect, then you are not getting the most out of your webinar. Whether to build your list or target your sales funnel, you need to be getting the most out of this webinar.

There is an echo

It was way too easy to put ‘sound problems’ on here. From not being able to hear the presenter to crackled lines or an echo. Good sound is essential for a good webinar. This comes under the testing issue above but you can test and retest your equipment and still find a weird echo on the line. This is more of a common problem when you have multiple presenters. A good producer will have a check-system to troubleshoot the sound and sort it out right away. Your clients cannot take away something from a webinar they cannot hear properly.

You don’t follow up

Your webinar has gone smoothly, the sound was great, your presentation rocked. You hit ‘end’ and take off the headset. Congratulate yourself and go grab a cup of tea because your work here is far from done. You have just engaged potential clients on a very personal level, you need to act upon this before they move onto the next thing. While they are sitting there, reading their notes or thinking through their ideas, get that baby editted and uploaded. Post it on your site and have the replay ready and sent out within 24 hours.

Get your sales funnel working for you, send out emails and get those guys engaged. Following up is probably the most important thing about the webinar and you need to do it well.