3 Rules of E-mail Marketing

Newsletters are great for every type of business. They put you directly in your potential customer’s inbox because they asked you to be there. They actively opted-in to you telling them about the great things you are doing and you can see which of them are opening  your emails and clicking through to your content. This is why newsletters are big. But you need to be using your mailing list to be able to get the best out of it.

Here are my three rules for email marketing.


You want your potential customers to know when your newsletter is going to land. Whether you do this monthly, fortnightly or weekly depends on what is right for your business but it must be consistent. This builds trust and expectation. If you send your newsletter on a Friday every week then your customers will expect it to arrive on a Friday. If you are putting the right content into your newsletter then you are going to be building some anticipation and you do not want to let your customer down.

So no matter what, make your newsletter consistent. This includes your subject line, your layout and what you put into your campaign.


Why are you sending this newsletter?

What do you want people to do when they open this email?

What is your goal?

You need to be able to answer these questions before you hit send. If you are just going to email people for the sake of emailing them because it’s ‘newsletter day’ then you are going to lose the trust of those following you. You need to keep in mind when constructing your newsletter what your audience would want to know. What is going to get them to open your newsletter over the many other emails they receive that day?

If you are selling a product then do you have enough links for people to buy the product? Have you told them they need to buy the product? A seemingly obvious thing to do but one that is missed by many email campaigns.

If you are updating people on what is going on in your business or you are building trust or your brand, what do people need to know from you in order for this goal to be achieved? What are you teaching them.

Getting right down into what it is you want to achieve before you put your newsletter together will give you a much tighter campaign.

Cut Right To It

You wouldn’t tell your parents the same anecdote you’d tell your friends, would you? So why would you talk to everyone on your mailing list with the exact same email? Why sell to people who are already buying your product? Did you let the people who signed up last week know who you are and what you are about?

You need to segment your list and for each section just get to the point. You’re not emailing a group, you are speaking directly to an individual. What do they need to know? And what can you leave out that is surplus to them. Tweak your email content for each section of your list and know what you need to say to each.