What makes a business vegan

What makes a business vegan is so much more than the food eaten (or stored) on the premises or by the staff. Being a vegan business is going to be big business from 2019 and onwards as more people start their vegan journey this year.

It is estimated that 11% of the British population have tried the vegan diet. That’s a significant number of people who have, for a period, made the decision to eat a plant-based diet. They may not still remain vegan but likewise, they may be heading in the direction of reducing their meat intake. And this year alone someone signed up to go vegan for the whole of January every six seconds.

That’s before we even mention Gregg’s, McDonalds, Pizza Express and all the other major chains pushing their vegan marketing in the past few days. Oh and of course, Piers Morgan for helping in trend like no other. Thanks Piers.

But why does what you eat matter when it comes to business?

The short answer is: it doesn’t.

However, when we talk about aligning our businesses and being the right fit, it makes sense that when we do so being passionate about something is a reason to work with someone. A vegan business, whether food or otherwise, is a short-hand way of saying ‘I’m like you, I get you.’

If someone owns a vegan business then they are more likely to hire a vegan web designer, content writer or HR specialist. These are the people who not only understand their market, customers and business but also understand them. We like to work with people whom we recognise something of ourselves in.

For me, it seems obviously that having been vegan for over 15 years and made many connections with vegan businesses, journalists and writers who cover vegan subjects, that I should offer vegan PR as part of my services. Working with these businesses means I have a unique understanding of their customer and their stories because I am their customer, I read their stories.

I know what’s been written already, what is unique and what angle I can use for particular publications. Should it be referred to as plant-based, health or vegan?

In the same way that I use my other connections from a broad spectrum of industry experience for other clients. Some of my clients happily identify as a vegan business while others have never given it a second though and would never do so but they all have a unifying connection: I absolutely get what they do and take real enjoyment from working with them, whatever their diet.

So what makes a business vegan? I think it is the same as what makes a business independent, compassionate, thoughtful and passionate.

And if you’d like to work with me on your vegan business campaign, get in touch.

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