How to double your list in a week

We all know that we should be growing our email marketing lists and yet… GDPR, putting yourself out there, lead magnets, complex sales funnels… it is just so time consuming.

When your list is new, every single unsubscribe smarts. Even when your list isn’t new this can be too easy to take personally. It can cause a block to doing the work to grow your list.

There are many ways you can convince a potential customer to let you send them emails on a regular basis. Really, getting them onto your list is only half of the job, getting them to open and actually read them is another challenge in itself.

How to grow your list in a week.png

List growth is something that I think about on a weekly basis for my clients. Some techniques work better for some than for others and the best thing you can ever do is to test.

However, in the last week or so one particular client saw her marketing list double. And she has kindly given me permission to share her story of how we did it.


While from concept to publishing this marketing campaign really only took a week to pull together, we have in fact been working on getting the right subjects to blog for some time. My client would tell me about the discussions taking place in various Facebook groups that she was active in.

It is important to note at this point that she is an active participant in these groups. She gets involved in conversations, builds connections and listens to what is being said. This means there is direct access to her potential clients and the problems they face.

We were using these discussion topics as a basis for blog posts.

This means when we came to creating our list-building campaign, we had a series of blog posts that we KNEW would answer the questions that people had. We just needed to give them something they needed in return for signing up to a mailing list.


While growing a list is a very important aspect of an online business, if you are going to do a big campaign to build your list, make sure there is a point to it. What is the product you want to sell at the end? What are you warming them up for?

It is great to do generic list building but if you really want to make an impact, get your list onto a journey. This has to be a journey that they want to go on and that feels like it is leading them in a positive direction.

For my client, that goal was a particular service that she was already offering but wanted more clients. This particular client has multiple income streams in her business: a physical product, workshops and 1-1 coaching. The work we do on marketing that feeds into all three of these streams but we look at one particular goal for a marketing campaign.


We knew that the content we were creating would answer the questions of potential clients, we knew what journey we wanted to take them on. We now needed to build the trust to have them sign up in the first place.

We did this with a challenge.

We asked questions of them, looked at what held them back in their own lives and asked them to work with my client to help them work through this.

Originally, we set this as a 5-day challenge. On the day we discussed the idea, we pulled together the blog posts which were already written, we built a landing page and we put an email sequence together.

You see, the content was already there on the site. We knew it would work because the metrics were already telling us that this content was of value. No extra work was really needed for this.

Then we came back to it over the next few days. We asked ourselves: ‘is this really doing enough for the customer to feel like they have achieved something tangible at the end?’

We went back and added more tasks, more explanation, more support from existing content. And we spread the sequence out over six weeks.


The landing page was posted in the groups where we originally found the ideas for the blog posts. Those discussions which were still taking place were the perfect space to leave the link for the challenge because this challenge was specifically designed to answer those questions.

Hundreds of people clicked on the link to the landing page as a result of answering questions. There was no spamming, no post and run, no boosting.

It isn’t a big secret: if you post in a group where you’re already taking time to talk to people, they will take time to listen.

From inception of the idea to one week later, the email marketing list had doubled. We’d done in one week what we’d been trying to achieve with different techniques for months.