Why you need to use Facebook Live to sell

Facebook Live is one of the best the selling tools out there if you have an online business. This is particularly true if you have a product-based business. If we know that people by from people then Facebook Live allows us to sell products virtually face-to-face.

Let’s roll back a few years when e-commerce was in its infancy and shopping online was a novelty. I worked at a record label where there was an online store. Customers loved buying direct from that online store because it brought them closer to bands and the people working with the bands. This is no less true now that it was then and it works because it creates a personal connection. But when you drill down the sales stats you start to see that when records were sold in person, at events, then the conversion rates and ultimately, the turn over was much higher.

You only need simple equipment for a Facebook Live

You only need simple equipment for a Facebook Live

Now, there were other factors involved in this where records of the bands playing sold well because their fans were there. It was also an arena of people WANTING to spend money on what we were selling. You can replace records with any product when sold in the right arena and surrounded by customers who WANT to spend their money on what you have.

But it wasn’t just about being in the right place at the right time, it was also having the right people there to sell. You see, it is much easier to sell a product, any product, when you are passionate about it yourself. When you can look your customer in the eye, gesticulate and show just how much this product means to you and that you are essentially like them.

Nothing beats talking to your customer in person. Now, when you cannot do that because your business is run wholly online or you cannot go out there in person, you need to use other means by which to connect with your customer. Usually, telling your story on social media is a great way to do this. Sending an email marketing campaign is even better. However, none of this is quite the same level of trust building as meeting someone in person.

This is why Facebook Live (and Instagram Stories) are the ideal platform to do that ‘in-person’ selling from your sofa. It is a turbo-boosted trust building exercise that lets your audience see who you are and get to know you.

I tested this on my product-based business. I had some advent calendars that I did not list in my shop, did not promote anywhere and that if I released this winter, were going to be on a made-to-order basis only. I sent ONE EMAIL to my mailing list letting them know that I was going to do three Facebook Live events on three consecutive Sundays at 8pm.

I did three different price points, starting with the cheapest and working up to the most expensive. To buy the calendars, they had to tune in to the Facebook live and comment on the feed. In my first live I sold 4 calendars. Not bad considering I’d not listed them anywhere or supported this with any other social media post.

Over the course of the three Sundays, I made the same as I did in a month. It amounted to around 30 minutes of my being on camera and one marketing email. I put time limits on the sales comments and my emailing list has grown as a result.

Now, imagine if I’d planned these out and done a few build up emails and posts in the run up to each live. Imagine also if these became reliable and regular events. Not too regular but once a quarter when I have a new product or service to launch. Imagine what could be done to build customer trust with more regular use of video.

This can work for service-based businesses too. Put together a package that you can offer on a limited-time offer. Maybe it is having a one-off Skype call or an online audit. Think about what you can offer that solves your customer’s instant problems and get it up there. Don’t over think it, just get it live.